Adopting Gender Resource Gap framework to analyse and address violence against women in India.

Stream: Cultural Knowledge Frameworks in Responding to Violence against Women
Date: Thursday, 12 February 2015
Time: 1.45 pm – 3.30 pm


In India, resources have been maintained differentially within communities through a state supported patriarchal structure that is reflected in recent incidents of violence against women (VAW). Pioneering research completed by Dr Bhardwaj establishes a link between women resource rights and local planning by understanding Gender Resource Gap (GRG) differentials in rural and urban communities for historically marginalised groups- Dalits, tribal communities and migrant workers. Key findings indicate towards the possibility of co creation of gender balanced options by men and women within communities, as they begin to understand and start using the GRG framework for planning of local services. Further, different forms and levels of gender resource gaps are examined at the macro and micro levels, deliberating on the possibility of addressing VAW through transformation of a social order in neighbourhoods: from household, to state institutions, and public spaces. The authors suggest embedding of the GRG framework by government institutions at the village planning level, to overcome poverty and violence experienced by women as a result of spatial inequality and to eliminate pervasive violation of their human rights.


Sunita Kotnala (Presenter), Sathi All for Partnerships
Sunita Kotnala is a social policy and international development consultant with significant experience in violence prevention programs. Her experience extends over healthcare, child protection, gender based violence and multicultural service delivery within the NSW Government agencies and international organisations such as the World Bank. She currently works with Sathi All for Partnerships (SAFP) team to develop programs in and improve governance and impact of projects related to gender inequality, violence and inclusive social development programs in disability and mental health.

Shivani Bhardwaj (Presenter), Sathi All for Partnerships
Dr. Shivani Bhardwaj is the Program Director of Sathi All For Partnerships(SAFP) for over 11 years now, working on sustainable development area planning, where women have equal access, ownership and control of resources, public and private. She has authored numerous research publications on gender inequality and environmental sustainability of government policies in India and is a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in social work, human resource development and gender studies