Innovations and Progress in Accountability for Sexual and Gender-based Violence as International Crimes

Stream: Examining What Works: what have been critical components in developing research-based responses that have also delivered promising results?
Date: Tuesday, 10 February 2015
Time: 4.10 pm – 5.40 pm


The Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice is an international women’s human rights organization that advocates for accountability for sexual and gender-based crimes (SGBCs) before the International Criminal Court, as well as through domestic transitional justice mechanisms. With more than 6,000 grassroots partners and members, the organization works closely with women and communities most affected by the armed conflicts under investigation by the ICC. Drawing on the legal research, advocacy and programme experience of the Women’s Initiatives, Brigid will present some of their most pertinent findings based on over ten years of research of the Court to discuss progress, innovations and barriers to the accountability for crimes of sexual violence. This presentation will also highlight different perspectives in assessing justice including the views of victims/survivors.


Brigid Inder OBE (Presenter), Executive Director, Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice, and Special Advisor on Gender to the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court
Brigid Inder is the founding Executive Director of the Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice, an international women’s human rights organisation with more than 6,000 grassroots members that advocates for justice through the International Criminal Court (ICC), domestic mechanisms and formal peace talk processes. In 2012, Brigid was appointed as the Special Gender Advisor to the Prosecutor of the ICC. She is internationally recognised as a leading voice in the field of gender justice and as an expert on gender issues for more than 25 years. Brigid has been involved in numerous global negotiations on women’s rights within the United Nations and has worked with women and local communities affected by the armed conflicts and other situations under investigation by the ICC for more than a decade. Brigid serves on the international Board of the Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict Initiative, chaired by William Hague and Angelina Jolie. In June 2014, Brigid was awarded an OBE by the Queen of England for her services to women’s rights and international justice.