Listening to the sounds of silence: Findings from the National LGBTI Health Alliance 2014 Investigation into Family and Interpersonal Violence

Stream: Legal and Policy Responses to Family and Domestic Violence
Date: Thursday, 12 February 2015
Time: 1.45 pm – 3.30 pm


Australia’s National LGBTI Health Alliance conducted a 2014 consultation on the family and interpersonal violence experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex, and poly people across Australia. We uncovered systemic gaps in awareness, knowledge, and skills of both family and interpersonal violence service providers and community-based, peer contexts. The gendered ‘woman victim/man perpetrator’ model, which portrays all intimate partner violence as a manifestation of patriarchy and misogyny, overlooks the gender-associated forms of interpersonal violence directed against our consulted populations and their designated family. This presentation will examine the family and interpersonal violence needs and experiences of these distinct but sometimes overlapping populations and explore how exclusionary definitions of ‘family’ and ‘domestic violence’ affect service pathways and health outcomes. This presentation will also highlight the importance of intersectional awareness regarding geographic, linguistic, disability, citizenship, and cultural diversity. We will identify gaps in existing research and address deficiencies in research literacy in national ‘domestic violence’ policy. This presentation will conclude with evidence-based recommendations to promote family and interpersonal violence responses that comply with recent federal protections on the basis of sexual orientation (including relationship status), gender identity (including gender history and gender-associated behaviour and characteristics), and intersex status.


Gávi Ansara (Presenter), National LGBTI Health Alliance
Dr Gávi Ansara is the Manager of Research & Policy at the National LGBTI Health Alliance. He has an MSc and PhD from the School of Psychology, University of Surrey, UK. He received the 2012 Transgender Research Award from the American Psychological Association for his significant and original research contribution. Gávi is an internationally recognised researcher and policy consultant who has authored LGBTI-related submissions to government and professional bodies on numerous health issues and testified at several Australian Senate Committee hearings. He has lectured and published widely.