Working with the Government In PNG for prevention of GBV through Policy Development and Implementation.

Stream: Legal and Policy Responses to Family and Domestic Violence
Date: Thursday, 12 February 2015
Time: 1.45 pm – 3.30 pm


“The Government of Papua New Guinea (GO PNG) in partnership with DFAT – Australia sponsored Governance Programs, EPSP and PLGP, have developed and implemented a tailored policy and education approach to systemically addressing prevention of Gender Based violence for GOPNG employees and mainstreaming equality principles and values into the Government’s delivery of services to its people. The work commenced in 2011 but has recently gathered momentum with GOPNG’s Gender Equity and Social Inclusion (GESI) policy launched in January, 2013. This policy’s key focus implementation areas urge government employee’s action towards the theme areas of women’s equality and access to resources and opportunity, progression to leadership and decision making roles and prevention and response to workplace sexual harassment and domestic violence. GOPNG staff, working with the program, developed a number of activities, including transformative Gender education sessions and mobilisation of government leaders for sponsorship of the program. Agency focal points, a male advocacy network, high- level women’s leadership networks and Gender Help Desks were also established. Provincial Implementation pilot sites revealed entrenched cultural sexist behaviours and interpretations and lack of access to services that served to further amplify violence and inequality experienced by women. This presentation will discuss the learning from this program including pathways and blockages in delivering Gender Equality and GBV prevention through the PNG government bureaucracy. “


Glenn Davies (Presenter), Coffey International
Glenn from Melbourne Victoria Australia has a long and dedicated history associated with prevention of Gender Based violence.
After finishing a 29 year police career in 2010, as the Detective Inspector In Charge of the Sexual Crimes Squad, he shifted to work with Victims Advocacy lobbying government for the Inquires in Victoria and the National Royal Commission investigating Institutional responses to child abuse. He is now working as Gender and Social Inclusion Consultant with the PNG EPSP project where as part of the Gender team he has coordinated the development and Implementation of the GOPNG Public Service GESI policy.

Jane Kesno (Presenter), Coffey International
Jane, is also a Board Member of the Pacific Women Shaping Developing Initiative. Funded by Australian Government for Women’s Empowerment in the Pacific Region. She is currently Gender Equity and Social Inclusion Specialist working in an Australian Government development program. Jane's focussed her work for decades on this theme and has significantly progressed Gender Equality initiatives for women’s health and human rights in public service and the law and justice sector. Jane, respectfully known as Aunty Jane by many, is well known throughout PNG’s public and civil society for her public and political stances on eliminating violence against women.

Tau Geno-Hoire (Presenter), Coffey International
Tau is from a law background, being admitted to bar in 2000. After 8 years as a practicing lawyer she took up a role in the Law and Justice Program sponsored by AusAID as a program manager. She currently works as an Implementation and Coordination Officer, Law and Justice Sector Secretariat as a Gender Adviser, for the Australian Government funded Provincial & Local Level Government Program (PLGP) where her work has been focused on service delivery at local levels of government. She is a vital part of Gender Equality and violence prevention initiatives in the rural communities in PNG.