Union-led multi-sectoral partnerships to end violence against women and other forms of violence at the workplace and in communities: A review of best practices

Stream: Responses to Violence and Exploitation: Emerging Strategies and New Directions
Date: Wednesday, 11 February 2015
Time: 1.00 pm – 2.45 pm


Attention to violence against women as a workplace issue is growing, including in the region. Advocacy groups have led initiatives, not leaving government to operate on its own. However, there is very little information available focusing on how unions, working with coalitions of law enforcement, local government agencies, community-based organizations, women, contribute to spreading information, prevention of violence, identification of risks, interdicting incidents and giving support for vulnerable groups, both within the workplace and in communities. To contribute to the growing literature on strategies, this paper presents a review of actual initiatives and experiences of affiliates in involving workplaces and communities as settings for preventing VAW, particularly sexual harassment, human trafficking and domestic violence. The review provides a general description of existing activities, programs and services and case studies focusing on examples of holistic interventions and sustainable strategies. This review will demonstrate that given their unique presence in the workplace and as the largest member-controlled organizations in the community, trade unions, in joint work with others, can be powerful agents in reforming violence-supportive policies, procedures and practices, increasing awareness, creating discrimination-free and healthy work environments, providing support for survivors of violence, including through community action, information-sharing and collective bargaining agreements.


Anna Lee Tuvera (Presenter), ITUC-Asia Pacific
I am Senior Officer responsible for women activities and projects at the International Trade Union Confederation-Asia Pacific based in Singapore. Prior to joining ITUC-AP in 2013, I have been with the Philippine trade union movement for more than 10 years, in charge at various times, in coordinating surveys, studies and researches, workers’ education, activities and projects on union organizing, youth, child labor, human trafficking, community building, human rights monitoring, among others. I obtained my Masters in Applied Labour Economics for Development at University of Turin (Italy) and SciencesPo (Paris).