Comparative analysis of Domestic Violence policies and legislation between Australia (Victoria) and Bangladesh.

Stream: Legal and Policy Responses to Violence against Women
Date: Wednesday, 11 February 2015
Time: 3.15 pm – 5.00 pm


This paper examines policies and legislation in Bangladesh and Australia dealing with domestic violence against women. Of interest is investigating the extent to which factors that influence domestic violence are reflected in laws and policies and how organisations such as the police and crisis support services interpret and respond to the policies and legislation. Australia has addressed the issues of domestic violence for some time. However, in Bangladesh there is no specific policy dealing with domestic violence and legislation to deal with this issue has passed only recently. This paper examines and analyses similarities and differences, in terms of factors which influence domestic violence, and strategy to deal with it, in policies and legislation, and its implications in Australia (Victoria) and Bangladesh. This study, which adapts Zacharias’ comparative model, allows for the critical evaluation of the interrelationships between social structures and institutions as well as beliefs, norms and experiences regarding women’s and men’s roles in society and to examine the institutionalisation of such gendered structures in the State and in the organisations dealing with domestic violence. The findings from this analysis may contribute to changes in policy and laws related to this issue.


Nasrin Rahman (Presenter), Federation University
Nasrin Rahman is a full time PhD student at the School of Business, Federation University. She has completed her LL.B (Hons) and Masters in Law in Bangladesh. She was a practitioner lawyer in Bangladesh and also worked in the area of Domestic Violence at different NGO’s. The gender inequality and domestic violence against women in Bangladesh inspired her to become involved in research and publish an article titled ‘Mental Torture against Women in Bangladesh: Realities, Perceptions and Legal Responses’ at Rajshahi University Law Journal 2010.

Lorene Gottschalk, Federation University
Dr Lorene Gottschalk is an Honorary Senior Research Fellow at Federation University. She has completed MA (Monash) in Women’s Studies, PhD (Melb) Political Science (Sexual Politics). She has taught Sexual Politics and International Gender Politics in the Dept of Political Science University of Melbourne and has supervised Honours, Masters and PhD students in a range of topics including Intra-familial rape, parental leave policies as well as in Human Resource Management topics. Personal research has been in the area of Sexual Politics including gender non-conformity and identity; with the most recent being on the politics of transgenderism and implications for women.