Survivor Centres as Best Practise Community Based Intervention Models

Stream: Sexual Violence Interventions
Date: Wednesday, 11 February 2015
Time: 3.15 pm – 5.00 pm


Survivor centres provide a best practise community based intervention model to address sexual and gender based violence. Located in Brisbane’s ‘Women’s House’ is one of Australia’s last autonomous collectives based on the traditional rape crisis centre model. The collective structure uses consensus decision-making, and secure assets can grant some level of political autonomy. Our analysis of the continuum of sexual violence considers intersectional analysis as integral to combating various aspects of colonialism and heteronormativity. Having operated for forty years, the Women’s Community Aid Association fully owns the building, has access to financial reserves, and has invested in a variety of therapeutic and community resources. In the building are office spaces, counselling rooms, two kitchens, arts spaces, children’s areas, a community library and free internet café, and there are two refuges at discreet locations offsite. Whilst the building itself is a women only space, boys and men are able to access support, information, and referrals via the sexual assault phone line and various off-site training and education programs. It is timely to expand regional dialogue, increase opportunities for international collaboration, and to discuss the future of survivor centres as autonomous and best practise models to gender based violence prevention.


Bonney Corbin (Presenter), Women's House and Brisbane Rape and Incest Survivor Centre
Bonney Corbin has ten years of program management experience in sexual and gender based violence programs throughout the Asia Pacific Region. Bonney has worked with a variety of NGO’s, the UN, private sector organisations, and she has a passion for community led people’s movements. She has an academic background in urban planning, community development, and conflict transformation. Bonney is a board member of the Women's Community Aid Association at Women's House, is a sexual violence advisor to the Australian Women Against Violence Alliance, and is currently working on a series of violence prevention projects with various organisations in Queensland, Australia.