Generating Equality and Respect - a new model for the primary prevention of violence against women

Stream: Rethinking Prevention: Evidence and Practice
Date: Thursday, 12 February 2015
Time: 11.00 am – 12.45 pm


Generating Equality and Respect is a globally innovative primary prevention of violence against women program, led by a collaborative partnership between Monash City Council, MonashLink Community Health Service and the Victorian Health Promotion Foundation. Trialling a site-based approach to prevention, where a community in Melbourne’s South-East receives multiple mutually reinforcing activities across a number of settings, the program goals are: 1. Build communities, cultures and organisations that are gender equitable and value and support non-violent norms 2. Foster respectful and equal relationships between men and women 3. Realise sustainable primary prevention through strong collaboration with established and new partners 4. Pilot an innovative model for the primary prevention of violence against women that is transferable and informs practice The program utilises effective prevention activities to address the key determinants of violence against women – unequal and disrespectful relationships between men and women and adherence to rigid gender roles – in settings including local government, community health services, male dominated workplaces, youth settings and maternal and child health services. This presentation will explore the unique program model and cross- organisational partnership; contextualise the program within state and national prevention activity and evidence base; and share key learnings and principles for prevention.


Jane Torney (Presenter), Monash City Council
Jane Torney is the Program Manager, Generating Equality and Respect, based at the City of Monash. She has worked in the primary prevention of violence against women for five years, both in Australia and in Vietnam and has a Masters Degree in International Public Health.

Bronwyn Upston (Presenter), MonashLink Community Health Service
Bronwyn Upston is the Prevention Practitioner, Preventing Violence Against Women, at MonashLink Community Health Service. Bronwyn is an experienced health promotion practitioner and educational consultant. Previously at Women's Health Victoria, she translated the outcomes of two VicHealth funded violence prevention projects into professional development packages (Take a Stand and Baby Makes 3 Facilitator Training Programs).